The Baptist Church of Beaufort      Jim Wooten, Pastor 
PO Box 879
601 Charles Street
Beaufort, SC 29901                          843-524-3197
Website: bcob.org 
E-mail: bcb@bcob.org





 Bluffton First Baptist                       Mark DeVaney, Pastor  
PO Box 2540
1300 May River Rd. & Boundary St.
Bluffton, SC 29910                           843-757-3472
Website: http://firstbaptistbluffton.org/
E-mail: fbcbluffton@hargray.com





Beaver Dam 2Beaver Dam Baptist Church         Chris Malphrus, Pastor  
4611 Beaver Dam Road
Ridgeland, SC 29936                        843-726-4463
E-mail: chrisncarrie@embarqmail.com




Coosawhatchie Baptist Church       Allen Perry, Pastor
PO Box 479
3873 Morgandollar Rd., Coosawhatchie
Ridgeland, SC 29936
E-mail: aperry852003@yahoo.com             



Crosspoint Bluffton
                           Ruben DeJesus, Pastor
PO Box  3948
Bluffton, SC 29910                             843-540-3402
Website: http://www.crosspointbluffton.org/



 Euhaw Baptist Church                   Ray Elder, Pastor
PO Box 1361
2576 Bees Creek Rd.
Ridgeland, SC 29936                       843-726-3343        
E-mail:  ebcfaith@embarqmail.com



First Union African Baptist                  Clarence Edmondson, Pastor
Daufuskie Island, SC                             843-706-2672
Email: cedmonds@hargray.com

Faith Baptist 2Faith Baptist Church                    Dale Warren, Pastor 
PO Box 1207
1610 Grays Hwy.
Ridgeland, SC 29936                       901-2793
Email: daleabbawarren@yahoo.com




 Gillisonville Baptist Church            
10158 Grays Hwy.
Ridgeland, SC 29936                       843-726-3462
E-mail: footsoldier4Christ@yahoo.com



Grays Hill

Grays Hill Baptist Church       James Baker, Pastor 
2749 Trask Parkway
Beaufort, SC 29906                        843-846-2797 
Website: www.grayshillbaptist.org
E-mail: grayshillbaptist@embarqmail.com 



Great Swamp
Great Swamp Baptist Church
        Ralph Lee, Jr., Pastor
PO Box 446
9009 Tarboro Rd.
Ridgeland, SC 29936                      843-726-3631 
Website: www.greatswampbaptistchurch.com
E-mail: greatswamp@islc.net



Hardeeville First Baptist 
PO Box 522
13 E. Main St.
Hardeeville, SC 29927                    843-784-2239 
Website: www.firstbaptisthardeeville.com
E-mail: jaycoder@aol.com



Hilton HeadHilton Head Island, First Baptist     John Keller, Pastor
PO Box 5922
100 S. Forest Beach Dr.
Hilton Head Island, SC 29938         843-785-4478
Website: www.fbchhi.org
E-mail: lhopkins@fbchhi.org     


Indian HillIndian Hill Baptist Church              
PO Box 77                                         Doug Ludlam, Pastor
389 Fording Island Rd.
Bluffton, SC 29910                          843-757-2603 
Website: http://www.indianhillbaptistchurch.com/
E-mail: pastor@indianhillbaptistchurch.com



Korean church

Korean Mission (Beaufort & Hilton Head Island)                             
114 Crestivew Lane                     Chu Hwang Kim, Pastor
Bluffton, SC 29910
Website: www.hiltonheadkoreanchurch.com 
E-mail: kch3927@hotmail.com


The Link

 Link, The                                   Mike Green, Pastor
1053 Otter Circle
Beaufort, SC 29902                 843-592-1352
Email: pastor@linkbeaufort.com
Website: http://www.thelinkbeaufort.com/



Maye River
Maye River Baptist Church
         Brian Sherwood, Pastor
PO Box 814
3509 Okatie Hwy.
Bluffton, SC 29910                       843-757-2518
Email: pastorsherwood@hotmail.com
 Website: http://www.mayeriverbaptist.com


Meadowbrook Baptist Church       Michael Coxwell, Pastor
PO Box 118
12 Lupo Dr.
Beaufort, SC 29901                      843-525-6208     
Website: http://www.mbcob.org/     
Email:    mscoxwell@gmail.com                


North Island
North Island Baptist Church
          Charles Kessler, Interim Pastor
3800 Main Street
Hilton Head Island, SC 29926        843-689-3800
Website: www.northislandbc.org
E-mail: Laurienibc@northislandbc.org

Okatee Baptist Church
                  Tim Tomlinson, Pastor
991 Okatie Hwy.
Okatie, SC 29909                          843-987-0885
Website:  www.okateebaptist.com/
E-Mail: okateepastor@embarqmail.com 


Pine Level

Pine Level Baptist Church           Don Drawdy, Pastor
2009 Pine Level Church Road
Early Branch, SC 29916               843-726-5074
Website:  http://www.pinelevelbaptistchurch.org/
E-mail: pinelvsec@yahoo.com


prbc_srba Port Royal Baptist Church            Steven Ruff, Pastor
 PO Box 207
 707 Pinckney Blvd.
 Port Royal, SC 29935                    843-521-1994
 website:  portroyalbaptist.org
 E-mail: secretary@portroyalbaptist.org


Red DamRed Dam Baptist Church              Kevin Crosby, Pastor
PO Box 1339
488 Red Dam Church Rd.
Hardeeville, SC 29927                   843-784-6083
Website: http://www.reddambaptistchurch.org/
E-Mail: pastor@reddambaptistchurch.org



Ridgeland Baptist Church 
           Mark Bordeaux, Pastor       
1448 Grays Hwy.
Ridgeland, SC 29936                     843-726-3127       
Website:  www.ridgelandbaptist.org/
E-mail: pastormark@ridgelandbaptist.org


Ridgeville Baptist Church            
354 Ridgecut Road
Early Branch, SC 29916               843-589-2801


Riverview Baptist Church
            Leon Meadows, Pastor
2209 Boundary St.
Beaufort, SC 29902                      843-524-8335
E-mail: riverviewbcb@islc.net



Sheldon Baptist Church
PO Box 37
15 Sheldon Baptist Church Dr.
Sheldon, SC 29941                       843-846-9168
Website: www.sheldonbaptistchurch.net
E-mail: sheldonbaptist@embarqmail.com



Shell Point
Shell Point Baptist Church 
          Allan Kircher, Pastor
871 Parris Island Gateway
Beaufort, SC 29906                       843-522-8616
E-mail: shellpntbapt@embarqmail.com


St Helena
St. Helena Baptist Church
           Richard Spearman, Pastor
PO Box 939
1608 Sea Island Pkwy.
St. Helena Island, SC 29920        843-838-3109
Website: http://www.shbchurch.org/
E-mail: shbchurch@embarqmail.com


Tillman Baptist Church                 Greg Altizer, Pastor
PO Box 156    
Hwy. 321
Tillman, SC 29943                        843-726-6272
E-mail: altizerlee5@gmail.com                                   


YemasseeYemassee Baptist Church         Don Helms, Pastor
PO Box 68
127 Salkehatchie Rd.
Yemassee, SC 29945                 843-589-2345




Online Resource Library

Thank you to our SRBA churches who have graciously agreed to share their resources for our Online Resource Library. To view the resources, click on the link below. You can browse the list of currently available resources and the church you need to contact in order to borrow the resource. You may get the church's contact information by clicking on Churches of Our Association at the top left of our webpage.

Click here to view list of resources.

If your church would like to add resources to the list, please send an email to Amanda at Albouch938@aol.com or call the office and we will send you a form to write the information on.

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