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JUNE 2021

The recently elected SRBA WMU Leadership Team met to discuss plans for 2021-2022.  Church WMUs are encouraged to begin making plans and enlisting leaders for the new year.  Missions Leader: WMU Planning Guide 2021-22 will be available at WMUstore.com in June.  This is a valuable resource for planning. 

Remember that you can have mission programs for children even if there are only a few.  Very often we hear missionaries say that their first love for missions began in children’s mission programs.  The featured missionaries for June are Anthony and Riley Driver (names changed for security) who serve in Central Asia.   “God planted seeds of kingdom service in Anthony’s heart from an early age through participation in WMU-sponsored programs such as Mission Friends and Royal Ambassadors.”  (quote from Missions Mosaic).

Migrant Ministry

Due to covid restrictions,  we are unable to meet at St. Helena Baptist Church this year.  We will be visiting camps and ministering at St. Helena Health Department the evenings of June 8, 10, 15, and 17.  Due to your faithful commitment to this ministry, we will be able to reach many migrants and let them know that we are still remembering and praying for them at this time.  Call Vicki Farrow at 843-263-5160 for information. 

SAVE THE DATE:  The SRBA WMU fall meeting will be held at Sheldon Baptist Church on September 18.  This is a great time to learn, share, and be energized for the new church year. 

The following information and updates will assist you as you make plans for 2021-2022. 

Calendar Changes for 2021-2022

WMU Focus Week has been changed to a designated Sunday in February instead of a week.

Children’s Missions Day has been moved from February to September. 

This is a great opportunity to kick-off the new year.

Global Hunger has been moved from October to August.


NEW  GAs, RAs, and Children in Action. (Grades 1-6)

New missions discipleship curriculum Missions Journey:  Kids.

Materials have been simplified and will be used for all groups.  Available for fall (September, October, November 2021).  Previous subscriptions ending in December will be transferred to Missions Journey:  Kids.  Learn more and download the free sample unit at wmu.com/MissionsJourneyKids.

Mission Friends (Birth-Age 5)

Resources:   Mission Friends Leader and Mission Friends Kit

Acteens, Challengers, and Youth on Mission (Grades 7-12)

Missions Journey:  Students (Download a free student starter pack At WMU.com.)

Digital subscription, purchase one month or year.  Use for all groups.



Women on Mission

Resources:   Missions Mosaic (monthly--printed or digital)

                    Women on Mission Leader (to plan programs and activities, quarterly)

MyMISSION materials are free on the WMU website under the adults tab or use Missions Mosaic.

NEW  Adults on Mission Plan Book will be changed to Missions for Life.  Only one book is needed yearly for the group. This material is used for co-ed adult groups. 
NEW  How to Guides for various WMU leaders will no longer be printed.  They are called “Helps” and are available free online at WMU.com.
NEW  Product catalogs and World Crafts catalogs will not be printed.  Access on WMU website.
NEW  SC WMU will still promote but not coordinate Duffel Bags and Bibles. Instead, groups are asked to partner with the SC Foster Parents Association.   Find the contact for your county at www.scwmu.org/duffelbags.

Christmas Backpacks will be coordinated by Tracy McAbee.  Information will be sent to churches.  864-582-8330          tracyspartanburgbaptistnetwork@gmail.com

Camp La Vida will host campers in June and July with strict protocols.





Pics from the WMU Women on Mission Tea - February 9, 2019
37 Ladies representing 7 churches were in attendance.
20190209_143854     20190209_153249    20190209_143927

20190209_154120     20190209_160512    20190209_150753

20190209_144000    20190209_143939    20190209_134449

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